Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Meeting Stephenie Meyer

Stephenie signing away.
I just had to get a pic with both of us in there. They wouldn't let you take pics with her, so this is the best we could do.
Tara, Pancho (Stephenie's husband) and myself.

So.... last night was awesome! Tara and I went to Marcos de Niza where Stephenie Meyer, the author of the Twilight series, was doing a book signing. Stephenie talked for about 20 minutes and answered questions and then started her signing. We were assigned by letter to go up for the signing and unfortunately, we were letter U so we had to wait for awhile. We went home for a little bit and came back. It was definitely worth the wait though. She signed The Host, her newest book that is unrelated to the Twilight series and then signed 2 of her previous books. I had her sign New Moon & Eclipse because my Twilight book is paperback and all banged up. When she spoke, she mostly tried to focus on The Host, her latest book that came out last Tuesday. I just started reading it Monday but I'm not very far since I haven't had time to read. She also answered a few questions about Twilight. She said that she's just finishing editing Breaking Dawn, which comes out in August. She also said her next project is Midnight Sun, which is Twilight from Edward's point of view (can't wait for that!!). She said she has visited the set of the movie a few times and is very pleased. She said the chemistry between Bella & Edward is GREAT! She was very happy about that (and so am I). She also said that the director has taken most of her notes on the script, so I'm sure that will help the movie be more like the book. Other than that, she said that if The Host were made into a movie, she had a few actors in mind to play the parts. She is still unsure who would play Melanie/Wanderer. She said Matt Damon would be perfect for Jared (I agree), and that James McAvoy would be perfect for Ian. I was definitely excited to hear that since he's my favorite actor right now. When it was our turn to get the books signed, I really didn't know what to say to her since she was signing so fast and they were trying to get through the hundreds of people, so we just talked about how we were in love with James McAvoy. It was cool cuz she kinda stopped signing books just so we could talk. We were both trying to explain to Tara who he was and why we liked him so much. We agreed that Becoming Jane is what made us first like him so much. After that, we just said thank you and went and talked to her husband, Pancho, for a bit. We asked him some questions. He told us he quit work and is now a stay at home dad. He doesn't go on tour with her so he has to stay home and watch their three boys. He said that Stephenie never asks him for his advice on the book. He also said that he was a "bad husband" and discouraged her from writing the first book because she was staying up too late and would be tired and cranky the next day when she had to wake up early and get the kids ready. He also said that he waits to read the book til it's done and bound. We couldn't believe that part. Who could wait when they know the book is sitting on their computer!?!? Even though he does wait he said that he knows how Breaking Dawn ends. Oh, the anticipation!!! Pancho was very nice and we were so happy we got books signed and got to meet Stephenie. We will probably go see her again when Breaking Dawn comes out... just 79 more days! Woo HOO!!!!


Mike said...

DARNIT I was going to go to this when I saw it on your blog and I forgot. :(

Derek & Kellyn said...

You guys are NERDS! haha. Just kidding. Just one more famous person you can add to your list :) Tell me when they come out with the movie and Im totally there!!

Ross and Brittany Chambers said...

that's awesome!! i love the twilight series and read all three in a week. i cant wait for the next book to come out in August. I'm thinking of reading them again right before!!

Kyle said...

I just finished THE HOST and I liked it... I wish I would have known the Stephenie was going to good ol' MDN...would have been fun!

Mike Steph and Brooklyn said...

I am so excited for the next Twilight series book to come out. I had no idea she had a new book, I am definitely going to get it. I just posted the trailer for Twilight on my blog becuase I am so excited for it to come out, yay!