Friday, March 7, 2008

New Friends

Jaxon, Lily and Abby.
Lily and Abby. They were interlocking arms. Cute, huh?
Adorable girl, Mr. Milk Man and Chubby Baby

Today I got together with Ashley, Amber and Brittany - friends from High school. Three of the four of us have had babies in the past few months, so it was really fun to put all the babies together. Ashley's little girl is named Abby and she's a doll. Amber's little boy is Jaxson and he's a little stud in the making. Brittany's two year old is Landon and he's already a lil' stud (Brittany is also 4 months along). We had fun just eating lunch and catching up. We couldn't resist taking pics of the kids, and here they are. Lily is a little bit older (and chubbier) than the other two babies. It was hard getting all the babies looking up and smiling, especially because Lily would try to eat the other babies if they got too close :D We hope to get together on a regular basis so that our little babies will stay friends.

Teeth and Food

This is her "feed me more" face :)
You can't really see the tooth but I promise it's there.

We just started Lily on foods last week. I think she was a little confused about the whole idea of food other than mommy's milk. Now that it's been a few days, I think she really enjoys it. She wasn't too fond of the mixed veggies (I don't blame her - they smelt nasty!) but she definitely likes the applesauce and bananas.
The other big news this week was that Lily got her first tooth! She is growing way too fast!!!! It made me a little sad. My not-so-little peanut is over 5 months. I can't believe it!!

My Laurels

Making PB cookies - Mmmmm
Playing Spoons. WOo HoO!
Most of you know that I was called to be the Laurel Advisors when we moved. I didn't know how much I'd enjoy it at the time just having a new baby, but I truly do love it. My girls are awesome, and they're my newest friends. They really keep me young - haha. These are some pics we took at this past week's activity. We played games - it was loads of fun!