Monday, August 10, 2009

Family Reunion

This past weekend, Lorin, Lily, and I were able to escape the heat and go to Christopher Creek for a few days. Lorin's parents rented a cabin which was ideal for the family. We were so happy it was only a few hours away and that the weather was WONDERFUL!! I've decided that if we were ever to have a cabin, this place is the perfect location!! We enjoyed hanging with the family, renting a boat and going to Woods Canyon lake, hiking down into Box Canyon, playing horseshoes, playing frisbee golf, relaxing, and watching movies. If anyone is ever looking for a close getaway, this is the place!! It was so much fun!

Box Canyon
Lily swimming in Box Canyon... it was so cold but she LOVED it!
Lo playing horseshoes
Lily admiring the view at Woods Canyon Lake
Lily and I eating lunch next to the lake.