Monday, September 15, 2008

Busy but FUN weekend

Each flag represented someone who had died due to 9/11.
Getting ready to walk the 5k.
Lily was so good during the walk and either played with this flag or slept. It was great!
My bro, Tyler, was in charge of the event.
The newly painted kitchen... you can barely tell it's green in this pic.

You can see the green better in this pic... kinda. :(

The living room is a pale, antique-ish yellow. Can you even tell?

I had to break out the cobwebs and halloween decorations. I know, I'm sick...

I am a little obsessed with the vintage Halloween decorations. Fortunately, you can find them for like $5 at most stores now.

Aren't these skeletons the bomb?! My aunt made them for me for my bridal shower. I love them!

This weekend was crazy busy (as always) but super fun!! Friday, Lorin and I hung out with our good friends, the Turleys. We played some fun games with them, and I enjoyed kicking Justin's bum in a game that was very similar to Boggle (you can pass that along to him, Sus). Haha ;)

Then, Saturday we were able to participate in an Amputee Walk that my brother put on. It was great to walk the 5k and to see all sorts of amputees and supporters, including the Mayor of Tempe. It was at Tempe Town Lake which was also cool cuz they were having their 9/11 Memorial there. They have displayed a flag for every person who died due to 9/11. Each flag had a picture and some info about each person so it was an emotional reminder of that fateful day 7 years ago.

Later that day I realized how much my husband really loves me because he said we could paint the living room and kitchen. I have always wanted to paint, but Lorin really likes things plain (I know, he married the wrong person), but he lost the fight Saturday. We spent the rest of the day painting. It was A LOT of work, but I LOVE the finished product. He even let me pick the colors (a light yellow for the living room. and a light lime-ish green for the kitchen). Lorin really does not like yellow so he was so nice to let me paint with that color. ;) He also let me put up Halloween decorations. I know it's a little early, but I have a very busy month and a half ahead of me so I knew this was the only time to do it. Like I said, Lorin must REALLY love me, and I am so grateful he does. He was such a sport working all day and night to get the painting done. He is the best - I love him SOO MUCH!!