Sunday, May 4, 2008

Lorin's Birthday - 25!!

I had to add this pic. Lily was wearing Orange & Gold all week to support Uncle Evan in the high school baseball playoffs this week. Unfortunately, they lost yesterday and are out. :(
Lorin & Jaylynn blowing out the candles. Lorin was laughing too hard he had a hard time helping Jaylynn out.

Ryan, Nathan, Erica & Lorin at CPK.Lily at CPK. She loves sitting in the high chairs, and I think it's because she likes seeing what's going on as well as she loves gnawing on the table in front of her.
Lily exploded out of her diaper while we were at CPK so I took her out to the car to change her and this is how Lorin found her when they had finished paying the bill. And just so you all know, although she may look like she needs a bra and is very chunky, she's in the 50th percentile for her age. I just need to remind people that. :)Lorin blowing out the candles on his lemon meringue pie.

This past week was Lorin's birthday and we (Lily & I) had a blast celebrating it. In fact, we had so much fun that we celebrated it 6 times. I know, I know... we celebrated a little too much, huh? We honestly didn't try to. Lorin hates the attention, so I guess he got a little more of it than he had hoped.

Celebration #1: 4/21/08 - A BBQ at the Ritcheys to celebrate both Lorin & Kristi's b-days since they are close together.

Celebration #2: 4/26/08 - We went to OrganStop Pizza to celebrate Lorin & Sam & Jack O'hare's b-days. These were the twins we were watching for 2 weeks - they turned 10.

Celebration #3: 4/28/08 - Lily & I took Lorin out shopping & for dinner to celebrate.

Celebration #4: 4/28/08 - We had a surprise party for Lorin & Jaylynn Andersen at the Fish's house with some El Dorado ward friends.

Celebration #5: 5/2/08 - We had a BBQ at Discovery Park with all of Lorin's high school friends (his birthday was more of an excuse than anything else to get together) :D

Celebration #6: 5/3/08 - Lorin's family took us out to CPK & then had us over for cake & ice cream afterwards.

SIX celebrations!! It was sure fun, but I guess we can officially say the celebrations are over.... until next year!