Thursday, May 28, 2009

Catch up

This month flew!!! We really were so busy, and to be honest, I was just too darn lazy to blog!!! SOO, here are a few pics of what we were up to this past month. I'm really hoping June is a little more relaxing...

Lily got to meet Baxter at the D-Backs game... we weren't sure if she would be scared or not but she WASN'T. She ran up to him and gave him a big fat hug and kiss!
This is a pic of Evan on the JUMBO-TRON at Chase Field. The DBacks invited his baseball team to the game Tues. night to honor them for winning state so we all went to watch.
Slip-N-Slide on Memorial Day with Alina's boy, Ezra.

This is also on Memorial Day... she's way into sunglasses now. I LOVE it!!

At Evan's graduation.... which we missed. We tried going to Lorin's bro's, Ryan's, first because he was speaking. We got there an hour early so by the time it started Lily was soaked and shivering so we left. Lame, I know... we went to Evan's and got there just as it ended. Even more lame!!

Our garden... the plants are about twice that size now... we're growing tomatoes, watermelon and zuccini!
Corona won the state championship so were busy going to all of Evan's games which we LOVE and will miss A TON!!