Sunday, March 14, 2010

12 Days

My little Jubbly - that's his nickname, and I LOVE him!
Lorin and I, and 1/3 of Lily. Man I LOVE him!
2 of my 3 favorite people in the world! LOVE THEM!
My Silly Lily!! The first day at the Blasers... I put her down for a nap and thought she went right down but after half hour I went in to check on her, and this is what I found... She had markered all over her hands and legs. Thankfully, she didn't mark on anything else but herself. Then not too much later she locked herself in the bathroom. I was a little stressed thinking the whole week would be a little stressful, but fortunately, this was the worst of all the days. Holy Moly!! Ya know, after having 7 kids for the week, I still want 7 kids. Crazy, I know!
I DO NOT love markers!!

Man, I've been busy!! Fortunately, things are winding down now and Lorin will be home in 12 DAYS!! I CANNNNNNOT WAIT! I'm especially excited that we last minute decided to go out to Chicago to pick him up. Yup, that's right. Gav and I will be going to the Windy City on the 24th, and then coming home with Lo on the 26th. It will be a really short trip, but I'm excited to meet all of Lorin's new friends and to see him graduate from Northwestern. Lily will be staying here, and I'm having mixed feelings about it. I REALLY do not want to be away from her for 2 days, but I also REALLY do not want to pay for her to fly there. I know... I'm cheap.
Any way, Lorin was able to come last weekend and help me watch the Blaser kids (the fam I used to nanny for years ago). He was suppose to come in Friday night, but surprised me and came in Thursday night. I was just sitting on the couch talking to one of the kid's (Paige's) boyfriend, Jake, when Paige came in and said someone from church was at the door. It was 11:30 at night and I was thinking, "Who from church would be here this late?" I was a little worried, but when I got to the the door I saw that it was Lorin. I couldn't believe it!! I mean, I just couldn't comprehend in my mind that he was there, and I was SOOO HAPPY!! We were able to spend most of Friday together before we had all 7 (their 5 (technically 6), plus our 2) for the next 6 days. I am so grateful Lorin was there to help me because March 6th was the craziest day EVER!! I had 2 baby showers (which I couldn't even go to), a bridal shower, our nephew's birthday party, a Primary Quarterly Activity, and then one of my laurels was going through the temple to receive her endowments (which I couldn't go to either)! Lorin kept me sane and I was so glad he could be there to help. He is the BEST!!
Just 12 more days and I will have a husband again. I've realized just how much I need him. Gavin, Lily and I have all been sick this weekend, and to be honest, I just cried when I realized Lorin couldn't be there to help me and the kids. It really is such a blessing to have such a wonderful and helpful husband, even if he couldn't be there this past weekend. I know that all of this is temporary, and I know that a lot of people have it worse than we did these past 3 months, so I cannot complain. All I know is that I can never take Lorin for granted, and that I am SOOO excited he will be done with school next week. WOW - next week. I love it!!! I'm just SOOO happy thinking about it!! :D