Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fun in the Sun

Lily loved the Sand!
Lorin and his brother, Ryan, spent a lot of time building this on the beach. Silly boys.
Our fam on Ocean Beach.
Isn't this beautiful? I absolutely loved the sunset!

Lily loved the waves. She would have just walked out into the ocean if we would have let her.
Gotta love that girl!
It was sort of impossible keeping her from eating the sand, so we kinda just let her have at it. She loved it so much!
At the science center Friday. That place was amazing and it had lots of toys to play with. This was Lorin's favorite part of the trip.

We went to the USS Midway Thursday. It's a huge army boat that is next to Seaport Village.
The beautiful temple... it was so amazing inside. I loved it.
After the temple, Lorin and I were able to go to Pat & Oscar's, one of my favorite restaurants. Their food is sooo yummy! They used to have one in AZ, but they closed it down. :(

I think I had too much fun at the zoo. I just love the monkeys and could sit and watch them all day.
This orangutan was huge!

Is that a close up or what?!?
Gotta love those monkeys!Lily was beat after a long day at the zoo.

Lily was ready for Sea World. She had so much fun!

Shamu rocks!! BELIEVE!
Lily was enthralled with this sea lion until it started barking at her for food. That kind of freaked her out.
I had to beg Lorin to get in this pic with me. Don't we look lovely?
Lily loved watching all the shows.
This was Lily's favorite part. She just stared and "wow-ed" at the Beluga Whale. It was so beautiful and amazing!

I need to preface by saying that I REALLY did like Breaking Dawn, I just didn't LOVE it like I loved Twilight and Eclipse. I've gotten a lot of crud about my last post. I obviously enjoyed enough to not want to put it down. I just thought it was weird at points and was a little upset that if it was made into a movie it would probably be R... that's all.

That having be said, I wanted to post some pics of our vacation to Cali last week which was much needed and was lots o' fun! We were able to go to Sea World, the zoo, the beach, the temple and the Science Center, and we had a blast!!

It's also Olympics time, and I LOVE the Olympics. Lorin and I had a goal to be there this year but that was quickly changed when we decided we wanted to have kids and it would be way too hard. I love that it is in Beijing, and it makes me miss all the people there that I grew to love so much. Our next goal is to maybe go in 2012 when it is in Sochi, which is a place Lorin served at in Russia. Wishful thinking I know, but I think it would be awesome!!