Wednesday, February 27, 2008

CrAzY hAiR

I love Lily's hair, ALTHOUGH I really have no control over it. Today I gave her a bath and afterwards combed it back. Awhile later, I put her in her swing to take a nap and when she woke up this is what her hair looked like. I tried wetting it down to try and get some control over it, but it just stayed sticking straight up. People ask me all the type if I put "product" in her hair. I don't, but maybe I should just to tame it. People also ask me all the time where she got the hair color and the amount of hair. My reply to the color: Daddy's a redhead. Concerning the amount of hair, my reply: I think it's her only proof that she is 1/4 mexican (No one would ever believe it with her light hair and oh-s0-white skin). I'm not trying to complain. I really do love her hair, but it's in an awkward stage right now. I really can't put in pig tails (I tried last Saturday and they just looked like bug antennas). Any ideas? Hopefully soon I will be able to do something with it. In the meantime, we'll just deal with the crazy hair - it's kinda fun! :D

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lily's new bedding

I love the colors!
Lily loves her new bedding!

Lily's much anticipated baby bedding has arrived! SO, I never thought that finding red, pink, green and yellow baby bedding would be so hard, but it was!! Everything for a baby girl is pink, and pink's okay, but red is so much better. My mom said that she would make my bedding if I picked out all the material. I was able to find material I liked and now the bedding is done. My mom did such an amazing job. I only wish I could sew like her. Isn't she awesome?! The new tasks at hand include, getting Lily to sleep in her crib and actually decorating the nursery. Since she's been in a bassinet in our room, we really haven't had to do much in her room so I'm now looking forward to the new project. I'm a little sad to have her 2 rooms away, but in the end, I think we'll be getting more sleep which is always a VERY good thing!