Monday, February 2, 2009


NO..... I'm not talking about the movie.... I'm talking about MYSELF! Really!!! I have realized that I am pretty darn right psycho. You want to know why? I'll tell ya.... I'm so weird that some times I will look at planes and if they ever look "suspicious" or anything, I'll remember the time I see them and their exact location in the sky so that in case they crash, I could tell authorities the plane's position and time hoping it will help them! I do the same thing with cars... I will memorize the make and model, and their license plate #. That craziness actually helped me nab some burglars who broke into a car at Corona del Sol!! ALSO, if I'm on the freeway, I sometimes think to myself, "What if I just turned right now, in the middle of the freeway." And then I get so freaked out that I might actually do it that I have to hold on real tight with my hands in the 10 & 2 positions. The same things happen when I'm in high places, and I think "What if I just had the urge to jump right now?" And after that, I'm so afraid of myself that I might actually do it that I have to hold on to rails real tight or just have to get away. Is this SOOO weird or what? I know I'm not the only one out there. Lorin does the same thing on the freeway and with the planes. I hate confessing all this craziness but I know there are other PSYCHO people out there. My sis (or maybe it was my cousin) once told me that when they drive they have to tap the steering while whenever there is a light post. That's crazy! I know I'm pregnant and more "psycho"/moody, whatever, but I want to hear about other people's CRAZINESS. Or do you just think I'm PSYCHO?