Wednesday, April 23, 2008

An even crazier week

Lily & Hunter swimming last week. It was her first time.
With mine and Lorin's white skin our baby is skin-cancer-prone. I loaded her up with sun screen and made her wear this hat. Poor girl.
Lily with her new best friend, Bella.
Bella & Jonah at Jack & Sam's football game.

Although I know she doesn't associate da da with Lorin, he still likes that she says it all the time. :)

This past week has been pretty busy! Lorin and I are babysitting the O'Hare kids - Jack, Sam, Jonah, and Bella. We are staying at their house for two weeks while their parents are in Thailand. We've been doing it for over a week now and we will be done on Sunday. It's been very busy taking the kids to football, tutoring, piano and the like but I'm glad to say we are alive and well. Lily loves the kids and she has been having a blast with them. I'm also glad to say that I still want a big family. I have to admit I have gotten pretty overwhelmed at times, but I remind myself that you just don't have 5 kids over night. Knowing that, I feel a lot better about having lots of kids!! They sure are fun even though they create a TON of laundry, dirty dishes and big messes. :D