Thursday, January 15, 2009

Too much TV!

K - I knew there were a lot of shows starting in January that I would want to watch, and lately, I feel like all I'm doing at night is watching TV. I feel so pathetic. What's even more pathetic is that I'm watching The Bachelor. Stop laughing. It's only cuz it's Jason, and I wanted him to find someone other than Stupid DeaAnna. Any who, I'm also watching True Beauty since that's on right after The Bachelor. It's actually pretty hilarious. It's about these people who know they are in a beauty competition, but they don't know that they're also being judged off of their inner beauty (these people are beyond cocky!). I'm also watching The Biggest Loser, and when I can I watch American Idol. We're not even watching 24, although we've watched every other season. Lorin and I decided that we let 24 run our lives. In the past, we pretty much made FHE "watch 24 night" so we thought that would be better for us to try not and watch it at all. Unfortunately, I'm still rushing through FHE so that I can watch Bachelor (and no, Lorin, doesn't watch it with me - instead, I spend the show texting my sisters through out the whole thing). I honestly don't even have the time to be watching these silly shows, but I am!! I need to know that I'm not the only TV junky out there.... is anyone else obsessed right now? Or am I the only loser?