Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The VOTES are in!!

We made a Magazine Cover and wrapped it to tell our families the good news.
My 17 week belly.... (bigger this time around than with Lily - Haha)!

Yes, the VOTES are in and the majority won!! We are having a little boy in September! We are going to name him Gavin Leo Merkley. Gavin is the only boy name Lorin and I could agree on (Lo's picky about names believe it or not), and Leo is Lorin's grandpa's name. We are so excited to have this little stud enter our home in 5 months! I don't know how to deal with boys but I'm sure I will love it. Lily is going to be the BEST big sister. She already loves to hug and kiss my belly. We were also happy to see the little guy growing and jumping around inside. I have felt him every day now for the last week, so I'm thinkin' he'll be as curious and rambunctious as our sweet Lily!!

We are just SOOO excited!!