Monday, August 4, 2008

Breaking Dawn - 1.5 stars

I've been dying to blog about this book all weekend. I was able to get it at midnight at Deseret Friday night. I'm stupid and never went to bed that night. I read from 12:30 to 6:30 in the morning. We were busy all day long with family things so I didn't get to finish it til last night. Now, if you don't want spoilers PLEASE don't read below, because there are a ton... SORRY :(

I have to admit, I was a little disappointed. I felt like the book was VERY different from the other three. I think it was just too much of the vampire/werewolf world for me. In the other books, she still went to school and associated with the humans and what not, but this book had none of that except for the wedding in the very beginning. Don't get me wrong... I thought it was very entertaining but it was just a little on the... WEIRD side for me. I think they talked too much about the horizontal tango... The whole pregnancy thing was just a little much, not to mention how she actually births the baby. I also was a little freaked out about Jacob imprinting on Renesme (which by the way, I HATED that name... too long and dumb). I know I'm just complaining a lot here. I told myself I would be happy as long as Bella & Edward were together and they were so I shouldn't be complaining. I think it was just a disappointment. I feel like Stephanie Meyer could have done this book very differently and it would have been better. She should have had more of the humans... there should have been fewer characters to introduce... the whole J Jenks thing could have been left out (just pointless and unnecessary)... the whole immortal children thing was dumb in my opinion... I just feel like it could have been such a better story! I feel like peoples' theories as to what would happen in this book were so much better than what actually happened. Does that make any sense? What does everyone else think? Am I the only one who really didn't like it that much?