Friday, May 15, 2009

Busy Busy

I've been SOO BUSY all week... and surprisingly I haven't been busy throwing up!! I've actually been busy making crafts!! It's been way too long since I've made some thing, but this week I have been SOO busy prepping for a boutique I will be in tomorrow. I've made:
FHE Boards

and MORE!

Here's the info one more time. I hope you can make it. Also, here is a preview of just a FEW of the things I will be selling. Can't wait to see you there!

Chez Moi Boutique
Saturday, May 16th
8 - 1 pm
2121 E. Laurel, Mesa 85213

Chez Moi Boutique WEBSITE

Sunday, May 10, 2009


My Sweet Lily
Hailey - Tyler's little girl
Hannah - Tara's girl (and the only one who looked good in every pic!)
Emma - Tyler's oldest girl
Hunter - Tara's little boy
The grandkids - Hunter, Lily, Hailey, Emma, Hannah & Camden.
Camden was tired so Kellyn had to take individual pics later that day of him, and the newest addition, Lucy (Tyler's two week old) wasn't there under doctors orders of staying indoors for awhile.

I just started feeling A LOT better this week, and I CANNOT tell you how great it feels! I was thinking it was about time since I'm now over 20 weeks, but I am just grateful that things have gotten a little easier for me. I even agreed to be in a BOUTIQUE next week. Someone asked if I would be a vendor and I knew it would mean lots of work this next week but I was actually up for it. I almost forgot how much I loved doing crafts just because I haven't been feeling good for so long. Any who, I'm just glad that I'm half way there and that I have more energy for cooking, hanging out, and feeling semi-normal.
I'm also happy it's MOTHER'S DAY. Lorin & Lily got my mom and I gift certificates for a pedicure and I cannot wait to do that. My siblings and I also pitched in and put our husbands to work building a custom trash can to give her today. I don't have pics of it just yet but will post them later. It's huge, and it's red and apple green and it's awesome! The guys did such a great job. We also got together and took pics of all the kids and are updating all the pictures in my mom's sewing room. FUN FUN!! Any way, I hope everyone else has a WONDERFUL MOTHER'S DAY!! You all deserve being pampered, and I hope you are today!!

P.S. I will post more info about the boutique this week. I hope everyone can come to it this Saturday!!