Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Turning ONE!! Warning: Picture Overload

Yes, I know... Lorin kindly reminds me she looks like an ewok. I think she looks like a CUTE ewok! :D

She's pulling a George Costanza (see below)....

Lily turns ONE next week!!! I know, where has the time gone!?! I have no idea, but it sure has flown. Since we really haven't taken any professional pictures of her, I thought we would do it today. It was a little crazy trying to get her to hold still for a few seconds, but the photographer managed to get some cute shots of her any way. I think I sweat 5 pounds off chasing her around, but I'm glad we did it. They were a little more expensive than what I wanted to pay, but can you really put a price on these? I think not. :D