Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to School Blues

I think I could just eat her up!! (and all her rolls)

Lorin went back to school today. I'm kinda glad that we will get back on a normal schedule of things, but I'm also so sad that once he's home at night he'll be busy with homework, projects and all that boring stuff. We've had a little too much fun this summer enjoying our nights together as a family and I'm sad to say that that's over til December. Bummer!! Fortunately, Lily keeps me busy and we have fun playing together. I feel like she is growing up WAY too fast. She already has her two front teeth!! Time flies by way too fast!

When Lily isn't keeping me busy I try to check out one of my new favorite websites. It's called ETSY ( Have you heard of it? My sister in law, Kristi, told me about it and now I'm obsessed! It's a website where different people can post things they make and they can sell them. There are so many talented people out there. I love 'em!! If you haven't been to it, check it out. There are thousands of sellers on there and they are awesome!!

My current favorite seller:
pumpkinseedmama - She has some tags I'm getting to use as ornaments on a black tree I have for Halloween. I LOVE, LOVE her stuff!