Monday, May 3, 2010

Discounted Crafts! Mother's Day Items.

Heabands - All $5

Hey Friends! First off, thank you to those who came out and supported me at this weekend's Boutique in the Barn. It was awesome!! I hope you guys were able to find a TON of cute items!! I had some items left over that I have gone through and discounted. I am attaching a collage of those items. It's first come, first serve. I will be home many mornings this week if you want to pick them up, but if you want an item, please email me back and I will set it aside for you. If you have not come by Friday nite, I will "re-list" that item. There are a ton of cute Mother's Day items for CHEAP, so be sure to check them out. I also had some leftover headbands that I will be taking pics of and posting on my blog tonight or in the morning, so let me know if you'd like any of those as well. Thanks again, and I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day!