Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gavin Leo Merkley


Gavin Leo was born Sunday night at 9:59 pm, weighing 7 lbs. 7 oz and 20 inches long!!

(A long story - sorry, I can't tell stories in a short way) :D

SO...Sunday morning I started feeling a little crampy (like I was going to start my period - yuck!) I should probably mention that on Saturday morning my brother hosted a 5K Amputee Walk that we went to. We walked it that morning and that may have helped things get going. Gavin was definitely lower after that walk! Can someone say,

Back to the 13th.... we went to church and during sacrament I felt a contraction. I just looked at Lorin and told him to start timing them. I didn't know if I'd remember what a contraction felt like, but OH - DID I REMEMBER PRETTY QUICKLY!! I went to Sunday School in Lorin's class and the girls just kept looking at me so pitifully as I was wincing and breathing deeply. I had to ditch out on Young Womens half way through cuz they hurt and every time I had one it KILLED my back!! They were about 5 minutes apart and pretty intense all through church so I was getting a little excited/nervous. We got home and they just STOPPED. I was a little surprised so we went for a walk and even said a little prayer because at that point I just wanted to get things going. A few minutes later the contractions started again and they were more intense and about 3 minutes apart. After about 45 minutes I decided to call the doc. He asked if I could hold off on going anywhere for awhile cuz he was about to walk into his son's Patriarchal Blessing. I, of course, told him to take his time and I'd talk to him soon. In the meantime the contractions just got more intense and were about 2 minutes apart. By this time is was after 3 pm and after getting everything ready and straightening up the whole house (YES - I KNOW, I'M CRAZY!) we decided to take Lily to my in-laws and we would wait there to hear from the doctor. My father-in-law (who is a doctor) told me that I was in labor and that I just needed to head to the hospital. We agreed.

My doctor called as we were leaving and told me to head down as well. We got checked in to the hospital and after waiting for awhile, they said I was being admitted and that I was 4 cm. By about 530/6, I had gotten the epidural (WOO HOO) and the doc had broken my water. I was 5 cm by 7 pm which is about the same time my mom and sisters had decided to come and check on me. I was feeling really good by then and could hardly feel any contractions. We sat there and just laughed and talked about all sorts of stuff waiting til I got checked again. I felt bad because I was laughing so much, my belly would shake and the monitors would fall off. It was great having them there though and made the time go by quickly. The nurse came at 9 and checked me and told us that I was fully dilated and 100% effaced. I was a little surprised but happy, of course. I told my mom and sisters to just stay and they could all attend the birthday party. They were happy since my mom was the only one that had originally planned on staying for the delivery.

Within minutes the nurse got me all ready and said we should have a practice push. I REALLY could not feel anything at this point!!! My left leg was TOTALLY NUMB and I felt as though I wouldn't be able to push at all. They got me in position and told me to push. She quickly told me to stop because the baby was right there!!! The doctor came a few minutes later and only 3 pushes later there was a huge POP! I had torn on my episiotomy from Lily and the baby's head came flying out! The doctor had to quickly catch him and push half of him back in and unwrap the cord from around his neck. A few seconds later he was out and BORN! It was so FAST and EASY I couldn't believe it. It was all so SURREAL!!! Little Gavin was healthy and came without any problems, and we were SOO GRATEFUL!! We spent the rest of the night and Monday at the hospital and were able to come home late Monday night which I was so happy about! I was dying to see Lily! I was so happy to get home and to start our life with 2 children. Since RSV season started this week they wouldn't let Lily come see the baby. She was already asleep by the time we came home last night so Lily met Gavin this morning. She kept saying, "Baby Gavin, cute?!" We assured her he was and that he was here to stay! (We're not sure how well that will all go with her!)

We are so thankful for this new bundle of joy in our home. He is just a doll and looks like the boy version of Lily. His hair is a little darker but he has a lot of it! I think we're destined to have all blondies (NO ONE WILL EVER BELIEVE MY KIDS ARE 1/4 MEXICAN - HA!)

Thank you everyone for all the well wishes and congratulations. We love you all and cannot wait for everyone to meet the newest Merkley!

Just got admitted and ready for the drugs....

Gavin right after he had come out.
A few minutes after he was born.

His firs pic with mom and dad.

My sweet little boy. He slept almost all monday after the circumcision which made nursing really hard!

Gavin right before we left the hospital.

Lily holding Gavin for the first time. She already LOVES him soo much! (Let's see how long that lasts - haha)!

P.S. The winner of the baby pool is my sis-in-law, Kristi! She was the only one that guessed Sept. 13th. Congrats girl - I'll be sure to hook you up with something AWESOME! :)