Monday, May 12, 2008

We can't wait for this week!!

Tanner & I before he left.
A pic of my mom's sewing room before.
A pic after we organized her room.
This wall was blank before so we put of pics of all the kids & grandkids.
We painted her drawers and put all her stuff in bins. She's been so busy getting Tanner's room done that she put her room on the back burner.

First of all, last week was awesome. Mother's Day was great!! It was nice celebrating the moms around us and I didn't mind getting a few gifts myself. I guess I kinda forgot that I would get some stuff, so it was nice when I did. Lorin and I were able to make something for his mom's which I will have to take a pic of and post later. We were also able to help with my siblings to transform my mom's sewing room on Saturday. It was a little unorganized so we had my dad take her out for the day while we hurriedly put it together. It was crazy but fun!! Even though last week was great, we are even more excited for this week BECAUSE.... Tanner is coming home off his mission, Kellyn is due to have her baby Friday, and Tara and I are meeting Stephanie Meyer, the author of Twilight!!!

Stephanie Meyer will be at Marcos de Niza Tuesday night so Tara and I are meeting her, buying her new book and getting our Twilight books signed. How could we pass up on opportunity like that? But more exciting than that is Tanner coming home Thursday and we are soo excited to see him. I just love that kid so much!! He'll be coming home to 3 (maybe 4 depending on Kellyn) new nieces & nephews. Then, Kellyn is due to have Cambden on Friday. If she doesn't have him on that day, then she will meet with her docs next Monday to schedule a possible induction date. We can't wait for the arrival of Camden as well as the arrival of Elder Ritchey! Woo hoo!!


Breanne said...

We are coming down on Wednesday. Will you e-mail me your phone number so we can make arrangments to get together. Thanks! See you soon.

Breanne said...

Wow when I came here before I hadn;t read your post I was in a hurry and didn't want to forget to ask for your number brfore I don;t have internet because we will be on the road. I was hoping to get togther on Thursday and do lunch with you and Jolene, Amber, Liz and who ever else but that doesn;t look like it will work for you too well with your brother coming home and new babies etc. Crazy times. Let me know when will work for you and we will see what we can make work. Maybe Monday. I have to tell you that I am jealous to the highest degree that you are meeting Stephanie on Tuesday and I am coming wed. A day to short all of her tour dates here are sold out. If you can get her to sign an extra book that would be awesome. Be sure to take pictures. We are going to need a special post all about this!!!! Have a great time and see you soon.