Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Lily

My Easter Lily!

With her cousins on the Merkley side

I had to post this just to show we put her in her first ponytail this week!

My training skills paid off!

We had a BUSY but FUN week. After all the food and Easter Egg Hunts, I'm glad normal life can resume and that we can get back on a schedule. Lily had a total of 5 HUNTS in the past week or so. I know I'm kinda lame for doing this, but I have been training her on what to do for an Easter Egg Hunt. I wasn't trying to make her fast or anything.... I was just teaching her how to participate in a hunt by finding eggs. I would put one jelly bean or an M&M in an egg and hide it in the living room. She quickly learned that finding the plastic eggs was a good thing. By the end, I was kinda sad I had taught her because we came home with SOOOO much candy! Honestly... it was worse than Halloween! I never realized how much candy is involved with Easter!! Sadly, Lorin and I will be the ones eating all the goodies.
Any way, we were happy to spend the holiday with friends and family and even happier to celebrate the life of the Savior and especially His Resurrection. I hope everyone felt the joy and love of the Savior as we remembered all that He sacrificed for each and everyone of us!


Nate and Lori said...

Lily is getting so big! I'm so proud of her little pony tail. I know that must be a big day at your house. Hope that you're feeling better now Kristyn...lets see some belly shots!

Brennon & Amber Adams said...

It was so good seeing you guys today!Lily is so darn cute! I love her Easter dress!

Kim Milius said...

Adorable pictures! Wish we could've been there! We'll be in town on the first Sunday in May & hope you'll be at Grandma's!

Kristi said...

Great pictures! I love the black and white with the umbrella. So precious! Happy Easter!

greg & allyson said...

can i just say i love her. she reminds me so much of my evie when whe was little. what a doll.

and congrats on the pregnancy! i haven't checked this in awhile, so i'm a little out of the loop :)

Nate and Lori said...

I wanted to invite you to my AZ baby shower in May. I need your address though. Either leave it on my blog or send it to

Ross and Brittany Chambers said...

Lily is adorable! Love the pic with her umbrella! That's exciting that you can put her hair in a pony tail. I cant wait for that day myself with Hayden!!