Wednesday, April 8, 2009

B's on the Brain

1 - The Biggest Loser - So, I was a little upset last night. The BL is the only show I've been watching pretty religiously lately and I was so mad at RON last night that I just had to vent a little. I used to like him and Mike until I realized how much he manipulated the other players and the "game". I know he tries to play the part as the "dad" who cares so much about his son but that's crap (excuse my language)! Any who, I knew Sione was going home because I've known for the last two months who the final 5 were. YUP, that's right... do you want to know the next 2 going home??

Just highlight the following text and it should come up: Laura & Kristin.... I know, Ron is still there (or was two months ago)!

Any who, I'm so proud of Sione. He's stinkin' ripped now and looks like he's putting up a fight for the second prize of $100,000. Go Sione!!

As for Mike and Ron, I hope neither win. They are officially on my poo list now.

What do you guys think?

2 - Baby - I'm coming up on 16 weeks this week, and I can't believe it! I feel like I've been pregnant FOREVER, but at the same time it has all gone so fast! I've been feeling a little better, which is SOOO great, but now that I feel better I'm constantly worried that something is wrong. DUMB, I know, but I'm a worry wart!! We will find out on the 21st what we are having and we cannot wait to hear. We would be happy with a Boy or a Girl!! Honestly, we just want a healthy baby!! Right now, the Top Names are: Gavin Leo for a boy and Eveline (EVIE) Iris for a girl.... who knows if either will stick.

3 - Babysitting - Starting Monday, Lorin and I will be watching the O'Hare kids (4 of them) for 13 days. We watched them last year as well so we're glad we should know what we're doing this time. Their parents are going to S. Africa. Jealous!!!

4 - Being Better - Conference was this last weekend and I'm so glad we could listen to all 4 sessions. Listening to all the talks made me realize that I am lacking in so many ways. I hope that I can remember what I was taught this weekend so I can keep it as a constant reminder that I have a lot to work on!!

5 - Bad Economy - There are so many people struggling right now and it's TOTALLY stressin' me out!! Fortunately, Lorin is in a field that is doing just dandy, but it doesn't matter... we have so many family and friends going through rough times and I think I get more stressed out than the actual families do. I feel like our prayers are getting longer each night simply because we are praying for more people. I know things will get better soon and that Heavenly Father wouldn't want us stressin', but it's still hard not to. I sometimes wish I was a billionaire so I could just take care of everyone.

Is that asking too much? :)


Kim Milius said...

I worry about everything, too, Kristyn, so I know the feelings you're going through! It sounds like you're trying to be Grandma Merkley's favorite with the names you've picked out! LOL! Honestly, the names are beautiful!

Bryce Moody MD (in 4 years) said...

Kristyn, I'm not a big blog commenter, but was a little saddened by your statement "Listening to all the talks made me realize that I am lacking in so many ways." We all lack, but hopefully we can all feel inspired and full of hope after Conference. The Gospel is the "good news." From the looks of your blog, you are happy and have a great family, just use each day to be better :)

Ross and Brittany Chambers said...

I LOVE both of the baby names that you have!!!! Good luck babysitting!!

Ren & Anna said...

I love the name Gavin. Good choice if it's a boy!