Monday, February 11, 2008

PoLkA DoT Tot

I have an obsession with polka dots. I'm not afraid to admit it. So, naturally, if I ever see anything polka dot in the baby section, I have to buy it. Poor Lily is the one who gets punished for my polka-dot-obsessive disease. Fortunately, she looks dang cute in polka dots so I guess it's a good thing.
I cannot believe that Lily is already over 4 months. Time has flown by way too fast. It seems just like yesterday that I had her, but at the same time it seems so long ago. Seeing her grow up has made me realize how important children are. They truly bring parents so much joy, and I hope that Lorin and I can have many more kids. If Lily can bring us so much happiness, then why wouldn't we want a whole bunch more? I know it will be hard, but at the same time I know it will be SOO worth it. And no, I'm not pregnant.... Although, I cannot wait for the next bundle of joy to enter our home! :)


Dyan said...

Hey Kristyn! Just saw your blog and saw you already had me on it! :) I love the polka dots...too cute. Glad you're loving mommyhood so much...and yes, it does get even better with more kids!

ajbourne said...

Amen to that. I have to say that I totally know exactally how you feel and couldn't have said it better myself!

Mike Steph and Brooklyn said...

I love polka dots too, they are so cute! She is getting so big and I love all her chubs, she must be so kissable!