Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Ended up making about 3 of these. More info on how to make them on my
Lil' Luna BLOG
The hubby and Lily (still half asleep apparently)

My dad's pop case.
All of Lorin's goodies... More info HERE. I hate copying crafts exactly but I had so little time cuz of my craft nite last week, that copying exactly was all I could muster. Lame, I know.

Father's Day was great this year!!
It's so much fun when the kids can get more involved. This year, Lily was SOO excited to celebrate Father's Day, and all day she kept telling Lorin - "Happy Father's Day - you are soo handsome!" Cute, huh?

We were able to have breakfast and then dinner with my fam and the In-Laws. Talk about an overload of food, but everything was so stinkin' yummy!!

Just want to tell my Pawda (Dad) how great he is, and also the FIL how great he is as well. You guys are both WONDERFUL!

And to Lo - thank you for being the BEST husband and father to our children, Lils and Gav. I couldn't have picked anyone better for them. You are amazing in every way, and I cherish and love you more than you could ever know!! :D