Monday, January 25, 2010

5 out of 10

I really am a nutjob!! Awhile back (last year or two years ago - can't even remember and am too lazy to look at my old posts) I blogged about some of the crazy things I do. In a nutshell, I'm a worry-wart, am OCD and am kinda crazy some times. Aren't we all? Any who, as I was doing one of my daily rituals - checking - I saw a story that I thought was pretty interesting. It's about the top 10 PHOBIAS of 2010. As I was looking at them, I realized that I have 5 out of the 10 phobias listed. I'm officially a nut-job, as Lorin could attest to.

Top 10 Phobias - article

Kristyn's Phobias:

1. TERRORISM - If I'm on a plane or in a tall building, I'm constantly thinking "What if someone flies a plane into here or blows us up?" Is that even NORMAL!?

2. FLYING - Refer back to phobia 1. I have flown all over the world - China, France, Ireland, England, Mexico, and I HAVE NO IDEA HOW I'VE DONE IT!!! Something about an airport gets me very excited and gitty, but when I'm in a plane, and especially during take off, I kinda freak. I know it won't happen but I always imagine the Space Shuttle Challenger blowing up!! And don't even mention TURBULENCE.... HATE 'EM!! I just start panicking and praying A LOT!

3. HEIGHTS - I am just so afraid I'll suddenly get the urge to JUMP!! Weird, I know, but I freak myself out. I've been on a Hot Air Balloon, Parasailing (twice), on the Dive Devil at Magic Mountain (4 times!), and up very tall buildings, and I've freaked out every time. I just find myself holding on for dear life in those instances.

4. SPIDERS - I swear they can out-run, out-jump, and out-smart me. It didn't help that my friend, Mike Rogan, posted a spider video on facebook (Go HERE to see that). FREAKKKKY!! 8 legged things are just too creepy for me!

5. CONFINED SPACES - I am very claustraphobic! VERY!! Once again, I don't know how I did it, but I did the "birthing canal" when I went to Pepper Sauce Caves. Ask me now to do it, and the answer would be "HECK NO!" Even if someone paid me $1000!! Uh-uh - NO WAY!! It didn't help when I heard about the guy that went caving last month in Utah and got stuck head down in a small crevice of a cave, and died!! Yikes!

Any who, if people didn't think I was weird enough I've just given you even more reasons to think I'm crazy. All that matters is that Lorin knows all these fears of mine and he still loves me. :) And I have to mention also that those other 5 fears don't even phase me, so does that make me semi-normal?

Am I the only crazy one out there?


Kyle said...

Kristyn...I am a worry wart too! I am so paranoid! I am afraid of heights for the same reason..and the worst is if I am holding one of my kids then I am SO AFRAID I WILL DROP THEM!

brintgal said...

You are so funny! But no worries, you are normal, the rest of us just won't admit it!

Remember how I was telling you I have this phobia that Matt thinks I'm crazy for having? I couldn't remember what it was at the time, but now I remember. When Abby was like 6 months old I remember her playing in the sandbox and a big bird flew by. For quite awhile after that I was afraid if I left her alone outside a big bird would come down and swoop her up.

K-Now you think I'm crazy!

Brittany and Eric said...

You're so funny. At least you don't let any of this hold you back. I think that is the important part. I always think of the worst possible thing that could possibly happen and freak myself out all of the time too. And then after I ride the roller coaster anyways, or go to the top of the empire state building, etc. I feel super brave :)

It was so good for my to catch up on your guy's blog and see your adorable little family. Hang in there while Lorin is gone. It really stinks I'm sure, but you can do it!

Ashley and Andrew said...

You are so funny. . .I'll be honest I haven't really thought about fears aside from things happening to my kids but that's an entirely different story. Ha! Well good luck with those fears!