Monday, March 30, 2009

dominant and recessive traits

K.... you might be thinking this is a weird post but I LOVE this kind of stuff. I really enjoyed taking Biology in High School and I especially loved Gene Mapping. Now that I'm having kids it's fun to remember what I was taught WAAAAAY back when and to think of all the possibilities of my future kids' characteristics. It all goes back to dominant and recessive traits. I am posting a list here that shows which traits are dominant and which are recessive. As mentioned in my last post, everyone is always commenting on Lily's hair. They always say that she has her daddy's hair, but it's not possible. Since red hair is recessive, that means Lorin got the "r" from both his mom and dad, so he has 2 "r's". That means he can only pass on the "r" (red hair gene) to our kids. That means I have a "B" (for brown hair), and a "b" ( for blondish hair). Is this making sense??? Any who, Lily got her blonde hair from me. Long story short, if you go back to the high school days and remember what you learned in biology, you will have a better idea of what characteristics your kids/future kids might have. Hope this helps and isn't too confusing....

**Now, to show you what color eyes your children will have, go to this link: