Monday, October 5, 2009


Lily, Travis, Clint, my Lily, Jackie, Mikey, Ali & Joey (Paige is missing).
This was on Christmas last year. They had bought Lily a Little Einstein set which you can see she is very distracted by. Lily LOVES the Blasers, and so do we!!

This weekend has been so sad...
Clint Blaser, a loving husband and father, passed away Thursday night. I nannied for his family for 7 years and have come to love them as my own. Clint was like a big brother to me, and his wife, Jackie, is one of my DEAREST friends. He leaves not only Jackie behind but 6 beautiful kids - Paige, Ali, Travis, Lily, Joey & Michael.

Clint had gone running Thursday night after 5 pm and never came back. After a few hours Jackie called the police. They had informed her that someone had been found in their neighborhood who had been jogging and needed to be ID-ed at the hospital. Unfortunately, it was him.
Someone in the neighborhood saw it happen. She had waved to him while he was jogging. He waved back and collapsed right after that. By the time she ran to him, he was already gone although she administered CPR until the paramedics came. They know he died of plaque build up in his arteries causing a heart attack which killed him instantly. Their family is still in shock, as well as myself. Clint was a WONDERFUL man and will be dearly missed. As you can imagine, the family is devastated and is having a hard time imagining life without their dad and husband. Please be sure to keep Jackie & the kids in your prayers as they go through this unimaginable trial.

Funeral is Wednesday at 10 am at the Corona Stake Center.


Mike Steph Brooklyn and Carter said...

I am still sick over the whole tragedy. I love that family they are so awesome and I am just heartbroken for their loss. We have been praying and will continue to do so, please send our love and you take care too!

Brennon & Amber Adams said...

I am sooo sorry Kristyn. I know how close you are to the family! It is such a sad and tragic story! We pray for there sweet family.

Morris said...

im so sorry to hear about clint. its really sad. i didnt know them that well but he will surley be missed. i do have a question for you updating my moms bathrrom and im looking for a vinyl red star about 12inches. do you know where i can get one? i didnt know if i could get one from you or if you knew of a place i could order one. if you could let me know that would be great. either leave me a comment or email me at thanks so much!