Monday, March 23, 2009

Obama Shmama?

Is it just coincidence that this pic resembles communist/socialist art?

So... Lorin graduates in May and for those who haven't heard, Pres. Obama will be speaking at ASU's graduation. Lorin had told me a few months ago that he didn't want to walk, and I was kinda bummed because I really wanted him to. Well, since I heard about Obama coming to speak I told Lo he HAD to walk even though he still does not want to.... I mean this is a once in a lifetime opportunity right?! Although, I DO NOT agree with most of his policies, (For example, I do not like how much control he favors giving the government as well as taking away natural consequences for the majority of those who have made poor decisions (i.e. abortions, bailouts, etc. (and I bet you didn't know you could put parenthesis inside of a parenthesis if it wasn't a math equation))) I do feel he is a good father and a honest person. SO, if any of you see my husband's graduation tickets on EBAY, please let me know so that I can get one of them!

In the meantime, I'm posting a few pics of our latest adventures with Lily & Co. Our sweet girl is getting more funny each day, and we are getting more excited each day as we wait for the arrival of our next bundle of joy!!

Man, I think I could eat this girl up!

This may seem weird, but Lily loves to CONDUCT. She watches Little Einsteins, and wants to be just like Leo... she loves finding a stick and just conducting!!

Sweet Camden... Kellyn's little boy. He was posing for me so much I couldn't resist taking a ton of pics of Lily's cute cousin!

Like the make-shift bib? Lily loves dinner time at Grandma & Grandpa Merkley's.

My blonde-haired, blue eyed baby! People wonder if she's mine, and when they see Lorin, they always comment that she has her daddy's hair. Little do they know that Lo's red hair is recessive which means he can only pass on the red gene, so her blonde hair had to come from me. Believe it or not?!


Nikki said...

Lily is absolutely ADORABLE!! I love the blonde hair and blue eyes, my son is the same although Sam is the only one in the family with blonde hair??? I don't complain, I dont care where their looks come from, as long as they are adorable!!

Mike said...

Kristyn, she looks just like you in that first picture, wow...!

You're listening to too much Glenn Beck with that communist art stuff. ;)

Debanee said...

Hey Kristyn!
I know it is a little lit, but congratulations on being pregnant. I have been reading your posts but just kept forgetting to tell you. are you over the sickenss yet? Thats funny that jessica is too! Planned? just kidding.

bobbychyldd said...

Ha, the boys love little Einstein. All I have to say is..."we're going on a trip" in that sing song manner and bang, we have a whole production from them.