Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lots to do and loving it!

White Elephant with friends from the ward - Lexi Ray, Amy Brinton, & Laura Johnston
Lily is WAAAAAY into kissing right now. It's soo cute!
Our ward party had a Kiddie Corral with rocking horses, which Lily LOVED!
My high school friends decided to get together for breakfast since some were in town for Susan's funeral. It was great catching up and sharing memories of Sus!
The family white elephant exchange! The craziest gift this year... slippers made out of Kotex. I just love my crazy family. ;)

The holidays are crazy, and I LOVE THEM!! Yes, most people are stressed to the max, but I love the get togethers, the craziness of everything and all the fun we have. I still have some crafts I want to make but other than that, I'm just trying to enjoy the last week before Jolly Ol' Saint Nick comes. These pics just show some of what we've been up to these past few weeks. I am so grateful we can be spending the holidays with those we love!


Amy said...

Hallie & I had such a fun time on Monday! Thanks for inviting us!

The Hall Family said...

Hi Kristyn- hope you don't mind that I found your blog. Lily is adorable. Hope you are doing great. Have a Merry Christmas!

Smith Family said...

Hi Kristyn- We had our white elephant exchange last night with all of our young woman it was such a BLAST!! Our highlight item was a size XXXXXXXL underwear. We could fit four beehives in them they were so BIG! It was hilarious. Have A Merry Christmas.

Ross and Brittany Chambers said...

i love the rocking horse corral, what a cute idea!