Monday, March 17, 2008

Trip to the Zoo

Lily just loves the zzzzzzoo! Can't you tell?
Hannah puckerin' up for the ape. :)
Hannah, Hunter & part of Ryan

Last Friday, Lorin, Lily and I went to the zoo with my sister, Tara and her family. It was a ton of fun seeing all the animals and enjoying the nice, breezy day. It was a little crowded because of spring break but it was still fun. Lily fell asleep 15 minutes after we got there and she slept the entire time. I obviously had more fun than her. I honestly could sit and watch the baby orangutan for hours! I'm such a nerd!


Mandi said...

Kristyn, she is such a doll! Her hair is priceless, I've loved looking at all the pictures of her. Hope you guys are doing good. I miss you guys in our ward.


Kyle said...

Love the zoo...I can remember taking baby Sammy to the zoo and her sleeping through the whole thing...oh well still good exercise!
Tara needs a blog..please tell her that :)

Breanne said...

Millie's favorite part of the zoo was the baby oragatan too. Maybe next time you go can you take a picture of her and post it? Millie would love it. She asked me just this morning if we could go to the zoo and see the baby monkey. I told her that was at the AZ zoo. The UT zoo doesn't have a baby monkey and she was so sad. We loved the zoo and being so close to it. We went at least once a month. So fun! Now it os to far away and we miss it. It is to cold anyway.

Tucker & Julie Brown said...

That is so cute that Hannah puckers up for you like that kristyn! When did you grow a beard?