Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

Sitting with grandpa with her red chin (we gave her some jell-o earlier).
Daddy helped Lily find some eggs. He would take her to an egg and she would pick it up.
Another egg.
After picking up the egg she would drop it into her basket.

Lily with her cousins, McKenna and Alyssa.

Lily with her hot daddy. :)

Yesterday we got together with the Merkleys and had a BBQ and an Easter Egg Hunt. Lily is obviously too young to really participate so we helped her out a bit. It's so fun to see that side of the family grow. Kara just had another baby a few weeks ago named Garron Jr. We call him Jeep. He is such a cutie. The Merkleys went from having 2 grandkids for the past four years and now have 4 grandkids that were added just in the past few months. They sure do love them.


Chantal said...

What a cute girl, your blog is great. Looks like you guys are doing well! Happy Easter!

Kyle said...

Okay so cute!  I love the picture of her picking up the egg because I just want to squeeze her rolls on her it!

Breanne said...

Lily is so adorable. Aren't the holiday's so much fun to celebrate when there are little ones around. It like brings the magic back. So fun!!

Kristi said...

Brooklyn totally has the same cherry t-shirt (of course she doesn't wear onsie's anymore) Yeah for Target! Cute pictures!