Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lily with Uncle Evan at Chili's last week. She sure does love him!
Lily at the zoo.
The fam at the zoo Saturday. Yes, half are wearing sweaters/jackets. Crazy, huh?

Last week's weather was wonderful. I think because of the weather we were able to have a more enjoyable weekend. We decided to go to the zoo Saturday since the weather was too darn nice. We went with Tyler and his fam as well as Tara and her fam. That night we were also able to celebrate my cousin, Kyra's, graduation. Like the mexicans we are, we ate and danced the night away to our ghetto music. It was a blast! This past weekend my parents also bought a trampoline. I forgot how much I loved them, ALTHOUGH I found a huge downside to them. If you've had kids and have jumped on a tramp recently you know what I'm talking about. ;)
ANY WHO, I was also able to finish reading THE HOST by Stephenie Meyer this week. The first few chapters are pretty tough to get through because they are kinda confusing, but once you get past those it gets a lot better. It's not as good as Twilight, but in the end I really enjoyed it. I can't really imagine it as a movie because it might be a little hokey. I don't know. Maybe I'm wrong? Did anyone else read it?


Kyle said...

I read The Host and I felt the same's no Twilight and it doesn't even compare. But, its good once you get into it (rough the first few chapters though).
Saturday was the perfect day to go to the zoo...looks like you had fun!

Meghan Carbonneau said...

Yes, Audrey's my cousin! It's such a small world! My dad and her dad are brothers. I grew up with her in Benson actually. Did you know she's having a baby in August? A little boy--they're still living in Cuba. She needs to get a blog so we know what's going on with her down there!

Meghan Carbonneau said...

I'm not sure how long they're staying down there. I know she's having the baby down there. They've already been down there for 3 years. Crazy! I think she's due the end of August or somewhere around there. Did you study nutrition as well then? Or did you just know her from institute or something like that?

Brittany said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! One of these trips down I'd love to see your family! I usually get to see Tara but it would be fun to see you and Tyler and your parents! Oh, I just about died laughing about the trampoline thing!!! That was too funny!

Derek & Kellyn said...

How come we didnt get invited to the zoo. RUDE! :) Yah,Yah, I have a little baby! Well, Im bored and cant wait for him to grow up to at least 6 weeks. Time to have some summer fun with cuzn Lily! She wont eat him, will she?

Christie said...

Hi Kristyn! I found your blog by reading the comment you left on Jeff & Shelly Basham's blog. Shelly is Travis' cousin! They are actually back in AZ now, I know they were here in January, maybe even sooner than that. Anyway, I like your blog, fun to see that you have one too. See ya soon I'm sure! :)